In-House Lab and Diagnostics in Mechanicsburg, PA 17050

Learn more about our in-house pet laboratory services below.

Here at Good Hope Animal Hospital in Mechanicsburg, PA, we recognize the importance of a pet laboratory for providing a fast and accurate diagnosis for your pet. That’s why we offer an in-house pet laboratory – our team can provide precise results and quick answers to your questions. In a matter of minutes, our team can obtain samples from pets that can be accurately analyzed. In addition to diagnostic tests performed via blood or urine samples, we also conduct additional tests to detect abnormalities in other bodily organs.

Our highly experienced team provides comprehensive and reliable laboratory services efficiently and effectively within the walls of our facility. With an in-house pet laboratory right here at Good Hope Animal Hospital, you know you are always getting prompt attention accompanied by a detailed insight into your pet’s condition and how best to approach its particular treatment plan.  We strive to bring the utmost care to all our patients.