Good Hope Animal Hospital FAQs

We get a lot of questions about the services we provide and what they’re for. The following is a list of many of our services, along with a brief description of each. Still have questions? We’d be happy to help. Just contact us!

What is a wellness examination?
The best way to ensure your pet is happy and healthy is by routinely receiving wellness exams. During the examination, a veterinarian will look for problems that could affect your pet’s life before they are noticed at home. They may also recommend blood testing to screen for the most common diseases. It is important to bring a stool sample to your pet’s appointment to screen for parasites, which can often go undetected and may be a hazard to you and your family.
What vaccinations does my pet need?
Since no two pets are the same, we will customize a vaccination protocol to your pet’s needs and lifestyle. Since Lyme disease is especially prevalent in this part of the country, we recommend Lyme vaccination for most of our canine patients.
Does Good Hope Animal Hospital perform general, orthopedic, and elective surgeries?

We are ready to handle all types of routine and some emergency surgeries in our well-equipped surgical suite. Elective procedures, including canine and feline spays and neuters, mass removals, and some knee surgeries, are performed Monday through Thursday. To ensure your pet’s safety, all surgical patients are monitored with EKG, blood pressure, and pulse oximetry during the procedure.

Do you offer laser surgery?
We are pleased to offer laser surgery as an exciting option for safe, comfortable treatment. In many procedures laser can replace traditional scalpel blade methods. Choosing laser surgery for your pet means less pain, less bleeding, less swelling, reduced risk of infection, and faster return to normal activities. Laser surgery is frequently used for routine surgeries such as spays and neuters and is also excellent for tumors, cysts, and many other procedures. Laser surgery is an option for almost all procedures at our hospital. Please discuss additional benefits of laser surgery for your pet with your veterinarian.
Do you have an in-house laboratory?
In striving to give your pet the best veterinary care possible, we offer an in-house laboratory that can give us rapid results when it matters the most. Our in-house laboratory offers blood-work, EKG, blood pressure, urinalysis, and many more important diagnostics.
What’s the difference between a traditional x-ray and a digital x-ray?
Digital x-ray offers yet another non-invasive tool to screen for both orthopedic, chest, and abdominal abnormalities. The benefit of digital x-ray as compared to standard film x-ray is the ability to manipulate views after the x-ray has been taken, which reduces the amount of radiation exposure to your pet due to x-ray retakes. With digital x-ray the “film” can be lightened, darkened, zoomed, and otherwise adjusted to make sure the image is as clear as possible.
Does my pet really need a dental x-ray?
Just like at your dentist’s office, dental x-rays are an important tool to screen for disease present near the roots of the teeth. It can detect disease of the oral cavity before it is detectable with normal cleanings and examinations.
How often should my pet receive a dental check-up?
Pets should have routine dental check-ups and cleaning to ensure the best quality of life for your best friend. Normally, we recommend at least one check-up yearly.
Why do you take a blood pressure reading?
Blood pressure measurement is an important diagnostic test in many diverse conditions including kidney disease, Cushings disease, heart disease, and thyroid disease. It is also a good screening tool for patients over six years of age.
Do you have an in-house pharmacy?
We stock a wide variety of medicines to help your pet stay healthy or get better sooner. We are proud to offer home delivery of some foods and medicines through our website. Please click on the VetSource banner below for more information on this convenient service.
Do you provide medical referrals?
If your pet needs specialty care or a board-certified veterinarian, we will gladly provide referral information.
Why should I consider microchipping my pet?

Microchipping is a form of permanent identification that is with your pet at all times. It is the easiest way to make sure that if your pet ever gets lost, that they will be returned back home. For dogs, it also allows for lifetime licensing. Please visit the HomeAgain website or ask your veterinarian for more information.

Do you offer specialty pet food to help me manage my pet’s diet?

We sell a variety of prescription diets in our hospital, as well as online through our partnership with VetSource. When purchased online, these items can be shipped directly to your door. If you are purchasing at the hospital, please call in advance to ensure your food is available.

Do you offer emergency services?

No. We do not offer emergency services.