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Pet Dental Care

Written by Dr. Nina Mantione   Perhaps most common health problem I see in pets is dental disease. Unfortunately, until dental disease is very severe, most pet owners aren’t even aware it exists.   Dental disease in our pets is very insidious. Gradually, over time, the beautiful pearly whites that come with youth, are affected […]

Ask the Doctor: Holiday Hazards to Watch For

Written by Dr. Robert Heidecker   Question: With the holiday season upon us, what should I know or be watchful for to keep my pets safe?   Answer: There are many types of holiday hazards that pet owners need to be aware of and on the lookout for that can be poisonous or detrimental your […]

Holiday Hazards

Written by Dr. Nina Mantione   Turkey dinners, sparkly trees, pine scented candles and beribboned packages are all the wonderful things we look forward to during the holiday season. And who doesn’t love to spoil their cats and dogs? Certainly there should be new fluffy beds and yummy treats just for them too. While the […]

How To Brush Your Dog's Teeth - And Why You Need To

You know it has to be done, but exactly how do you brush your dog's teeth?   Brushing your dog's teeth, combined with professional dental cleanings by a veterinarian, is a very important part of maintaining the animal's health. A dog with healthy teeth and gums is more likely to keep its teeth for life, […]

How To Get Rid of Doggy Body Odor

How can you get rid of your dog's foul body odor?   It is very common for owners to think that odors are coming from a dog's hair when they may be originating from other places, including the mouth, feet, ears, and perianal area. Dental disease, yeast overgrowth on the paws, ear infection, and full […]

The Right Exercise For Your Dog

What's a good exercise routine for your dog?   There are many ways to exercise your dog, but the key is to start him out slowly and then steadily increase the length and intensity of his workouts. It is the same philosophy as with humans. Too much too fast will cause soreness and could even […]

Why Some Dogs Eat Feces

So your dog eats feces every time he goes outside?   Coprophagy, or eating feces, is an unpleasant but common behavior of dogs. Unfortunately, dogs can become infected with intestinal parasites by ingesting excrement, which may contain microscopic parasitic eggs. Since your pet has been eating feces, it is very important that your veterinarian evaluate […]

Why Your Indoor Pet Needs Identification - ALWAYS

Does your indoor pet really need a collar with identification?   Yes!  It is common for an otherwise indoor animal to escape outside and run away in fear.  Therefore, all indoor animals should have a collar or some other type of identification on at all times.  Identification information should include the animal's name and the owner's […]

Why Your Dog Twitches During Sleep

What does it mean when your dog "twitches" or "jerks" while he or she is asleep?   This means that your dog is in a state of sleep that in humans is termed rapid eye movement, or REM, sleep. It is during this time that humans, if awakened, say that they were dreaming. Veterinarians speculate […]

How To Help Your Dog Accept Your New Baby

You're having a baby! But how can you help your dog accept the new addition to your family?   It is much better to give thought to this question now than to wait until after your baby is born.  You have allowed yourselves some time to become educated and to train your dog to interact […]