5 Quick Tips to Protecting Your Pet from Fleas & Ticks this Summer & Fall + Great Offers on Preventatives

Summertime can be a blast for pets, but it can also be a very dangerous time of year. While your pets are outdoors, they can easily come into contact with ticks that may be carrying life-threatening diseases.

Most commonly, ticks are known to transmit. . .

  • Lyme Disease
  • Babesiosis (a malaria-like parasitic disease)
  • Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever (a serious and potentially life-threatening infectious disease)
  • Ehrlichiosis (a bacterial disease that varies in severity, but can lead to death in some cases)

It’s also important to understand that as we transition into cooler fall months, fleas are just as active as they are during the summer months. Naturally, your pet’s fur is an ideal retreat from cool temperatures. And while they don’t present the same level of danger that ticks do, fleas can make your pet feel miserable.

Through the rest of the summer and into the fall, you can help keep your pet safe and healthy with these five easy tips. . .

  • Make your yard less appealing to ticks by cutting grass short and eliminating brush piles.
  • Vacuum frequently in your home, especially carpets where your pet tends to lounge.
  • Cover up all outside crawl spaces and garbage cans to deter wildlife that may carry fleas and ticks.
  • Examine your pet’s fur after they’ve been outside, as you may find ticks before they’ve had a chance to attach themselves.
  • Use preventative medications like Frontline Plus, Revolution, or NexGard to kill ticks, as well as fleas.

Questions? We invite you to call us at 717-766-5535. Together, we can help keep your pet happy and healthy throughout a long life.

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