Therapy Laser Treatments

Written by Heather Sinn, Office Manager


If you have been noticing your furry friend starting to slow down, or showing signs of limping, not going up the stairs as easily, or having trouble getting around in general, we have something that may help them feel young again. We are pleased to announce that we have a Companion Therapy Laser. This proven technology has been something available to aid us humans in our recovery and rehabilitation processes for many years, and now it has been adapted for and is available to our pets as well.

The Therapy Laser works by sending rejuvenating and healing beams of light deep into the tissue to increase blood flow and circulation, and it works by stimulating the immune system and accelerating tissue repair and cell growth. Dogs and Cats that suffer from arthritis, back or limb pain, hot spots or other skin conditions, wounds of a vast variety, or just the overall effects of getting older are prime candidates to receive this wonderfully helpful treatment.

We offer our Therapy Laser treatments in multi-treatment packages or on an individual treatment basis – depending on the pet’s needs and situation. The results that we have seen here ourselves with the progress and improvement of the pets that we have used the therapy laser on have been absolutely remarkable.

To find out if Therapy Laser treatments could be a right for your dog or cat, give our office a call to schedule a visit with one of our highly skilled veterinarians. Our doctors will be glad to fully evaluate your pet’s condition and health to see if they would benefit from some Therapy Laser treatments. We look forward to hearing from you, and putting that spring back in your pet’s step.