Dog & Cat Boarding Services

Dog & Cat Boarding Services at Good Hope Animal Hospital in Mechanicsburg PA

Know that your pet is safe and loved while you’re away. . .

Board Your Pet With Your Vet!

We are pleased to offer boarding services to our current clients for any of our established canine and feline patients! (If you would like to board your companion with us but we haven’t seen them yet, don’t delay – call today to schedule your wellness visit!)

Our Boarding Services Feature. . .

  • Size-Appropriate Accommodations
    Our guests enjoy fluffy bedding and blankets in a space that’s just the right size to keep them comfy and cozy.
  • Calming Environment
    Our guests will enjoy lounging to the sounds of soothing music during their stay.
  • Pampering & TLC
    Guests are spoiled with loads of love and attention while they’re being cared for.
  • Routine Meal Times
    Consistency is important to our guests, so we follow a schedule to keep their bellies satisfied.
  • Fresh Bedding
    Guests will enjoy fresh bedding from the beginning of their stay, and we’ll change it regularly as needed throughout.
  • Routine Medications
    For guests requiring medication, our skilled Animal Care Specialists and Technicians will administer them as scheduled.
  • Frequent Excursions
    Guests enjoy fresh air and activity each day during several outings to our secure, fenced-in grass-covered yard.
  • Trained Medical Staff
    While our guests are enjoying their time with us, you’ll be able to enjoy your time away with complete peace of mind. After all, a stay at their veterinarian’s office means help is available immediately should a medical condition or emergency arise.
  • Dedicated Animal Care Specialists
    In addition to our veterinarians and veterinary technicians, our Animal Care Specialists focus on giving your pet the love and attention they deserve all throughout their stay with us. (Click Here to meet our Animal Care Specialists.)

Upon Request, We Also Offer. . .

  • Extended 1-on-1 Play Time
    For our canine guests, this could be energized play time in the fenced-in yard, or just some simple quality time spent getting lots of extra hugs, attention, and personalized lovin’. For our feline guests, this could be some interactive play time with feather wands and laser lights, or just some personalized quality time spent cuddling and giving feline-approved ear and chin scratches.
  • Baths
    Primarily for our Canine guests, we offer bathing so they can return home smelling fresh and feeling great!
  • Pedicures
    Make your pet’s stay just a little more special by requesting a pedicure!


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Boarding Details

Meals & Treats

Your companion’s dietary needs are very important to us, and we understand that sudden changes in diet can quickly cause a pet to experience unpleasant symptoms. Because of this, we require that you bring your pet’s own food from home in with you during check-in, so that we can ensure that they are having a consistent diet. When you are planning ahead for your pet’s stay with us, please make sure to bring enough food to last for the entire duration of their stay plus a few extra days (just to be safe). You are also welcome to bring a bag of your pet’s favorite treats.

In the event that your pet runs out of food during their stay with us, we will feed a bland diet equivalent, unless your pet is on a special prescription diet food (in which case we would continue with their prescribed diet as we carry most of them in stock). Please be sure to alert us during check-in if your pet has any food allergies or sensitivities.

Check-In & Check-Out Process

Upon scheduling your companion’s boarding reservation, we will schedule you for a specific Check-In time with one of our trained technicians. During this check-in process, the technician will review your pets overall health, medical record, medications, dietary requirements, and any additional services you wish to elect for your pet during the duration of their stay with us. During the reservation process, we will also organize and confirm your companions check-out time.

Boarding Procedures & Requirements

Our space is limited, so we ask that you call to schedule your companion’s reservation as soon as possible to ensure that we can accommodate your dates. We have specially trained boarding schedulers to assist you with making your pet’s reservation and to answer all of your questions. The health and safety of our boarded guests as well as our hospitalized patients are extremely important to us, which is why we have the following requirements for our boarded guests.

  • Guests must be current patients of our hospital who have had an exam within 12 months of their boarding reservation.
  • We are able to accommodate boarding for canine and feline guests only.
  • All guests over the age of 6 months must be spayed or neutered.
  • All guests must be current and up to date on the following vaccinations.
    Dogs: Rabies, Distemper, and Bordetella vaccinations. (Bordetella vaccine given a minimum of 1 week prior to boarding.)
    Cats: Rabies, and Distemper vaccinations.
  • Canine guests must have had a fecal sample processed within 6 months prior to their boarding reservation that resulted in Negative findings, or be (or have been) actively treated based on the test results.
  • Feline guests must have had a fecal sample processed within 12 months prior to their boarding reservation that resulted in Negative findings, or be (or have been) actively treated based on the test results.
  • We strongly recommend that all guests are current on a flea/tick preventative prior to boarding with us to help decrease the risk of fleas being present. Each guest will be evaluated and assessed for fleas or flea dirt upon check-in, and treated appropriately with the necessary products prior to their admission.

Additional Boarding Information

  • Bedding & Belongings
    We will provide appropriately sized bedding, blankets, food bowls, and litter boxes for your companions. For your convenience and your companion’s safety, we ask that you keep your pet’s belongings at home for their later return – you see, when animals are away from home and in a confined space it is not uncommon for them to temporarily adopt behaviors that are not typical. For example, we would not want any of our guests eating the stuffing out of their favorite bed, or chewing up and ingesting their blanket from home, which could cause a blockage or emergency surgery.
  • Toys
    We understand that your companion (especially dogs) may enjoy a specific type of toy for play time, which is why we WILL allow our guests to bring up to 2 toys from home to have fun with during their stay. Please make sure that it is not a toy that is easily destroyed, chewed, or ruined. We cannot guarantee the condition of any toys at the end of a guests stay, or even that they will last, so please choose carefully when selecting a toy to bring.
  • Medications
    Vacation easily and with the peace of mind knowing that your companions are in the hands of your trusted veterinarian’s office, and that we will ensure that they are receiving all of their medications consistently and on schedule while keeping a close eye on them and monitoring their condition and status while they are here with us. Our Animal Care Specialists and Veterinary Technicians will be working closely together to take great care of your pets while they are in our care.
  • Veterinary Care
    Your companion will be checked on and monitored regularly by our exceptional support staff and should they notice any conditions or concerns that your pet may be becoming ill or need medical attention while they are being boarded here with us, we can take care of them asap (with your approval). This provides extra comfort to those who have pets with special needs or conditions such as diabetes or seizure disorders.
  • Baths
    While we are not professional groomers in the respect of giving your companion a hair cut or new do, we ARE able to provide your pets with a bath to freshen them up should they need it, or if you request it be done at the end of their stay. Guests that become excessively soiled during their stay with us will be bathed as necessary to ensure that we are not sending them home messy.


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