Pet Safety while at Good Hope Animal Hospital

A Message from the Owners: Dr. Rob & Jeni Heidecker

In a constant effort to continue to raise our standards and improve our quality of care, we must ask for your help with the following:

All pets must be leashed or placed in an appropriate carrier while on GHAH premises (including parking lot).

It is never ideal to carry an unleashed pet(s) in your arms when not within the safety of your home/property.

More often than not, our patients are extremely excited to see us! Tails start a-waggin and butts start a-wigglin. However, some patients are not as thrilled to visit us. They may be new to us, may not be feeling well, or they just may not love going to the doctors’. Pets can become frightened and anxious easily with barking, meowing, activity, etc. If not properly restrained, they could get loose in the office injure themselves, injure another pet, or get injured by another pet. GHAH and all of our team members take the safety of your pet(s), the safety of you, and the safety of ourselves very seriously. Also, if you know your dog does not do well in this type of setting or has problems with aggression around other animals, or anything else you think we should know, please call us ahead of time and we can make special arrangements to accommodate you or take your pet to an area that they feel more comfortable in.

Please address these issues, concerns, questions, or comments with our front office team. (717)766-5535 opt 2. Remember, a happy, healthy, safe pet, is the BEST pet. (P.S. – Don’t forget about our parking lot too. Have you seen how fast some folks drive?)